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Let`s communicate with colors shapes and melodies 

Λευτέρης Παπούλιας  |  Videomaker | motion graphics designer | music producer  | Athens | GR | Let's communicate through colors, shapes and melodies
Hi, I’m Terry Papoulias and my main passion is art where i was always looking for new challenges. I studied computer graphics animation with master degree at 3D and i had my first guitar lessons when i was 13 years old. I’ ve worked for several projects as a director, motion graphics designer, video editor or music composer. Below you can find some of the works i have done in the past
Cosmic Kykeon concept series
This is 1hour of nostalgic ambient, cinematic music.
A part of an atmospheric audiovisual concept series.
ambient music playlist
JuniorSP :theCUreVStaflathos Makis drakos music video
director, editing, grading director, editing, grading


Taf Lathos music video animation
motion graphics design animation

Memorain - music video

director, editing, grading director, editing, grading

Μάκης Δράκος | Για μια ζωή

Taf Lathos music video animation

director, editing motion graphics designer

Razastarr - Όλοι οι Θεοί

music, lyrics - VFX - post production motion graphics designer

nikon 1.8D VS Helios 44-2 lens!

SonEQ VST test

video, music video, music

a trip to loutraki/Corinthia

A trip to lichadonisia / Greece

video, music video, music
Cynical - Alpha (Tiny Giants)
A nearly 24minute instrumental cinematic metal EP that attempts to combine metal riffs
with aerial soundscapes and strong doses of epic melodic lines.

music, video tracks music, video

music, video acoustic cover, video

music, video music, video editing, grading
Maingraph online shop - 
Professional quality design assets, textures, backgrounds, music and video footage,  are some of the most useful elements designers can work with

ΑΡΤΕΜΗΣ - Από Δόξης Εις Δόξαν (Λυκόσχημος Αμνός

editing, grading color grading

Ταφ Λάθος - Αλήθειες πριν το ψέμα μπει στη μέση (Official Video Clip)

Razastarr feat. Icy - Γι' Αυτούς (Official Music Video)

color grading, VFX post production- grading

3D, compositing 3D, compositing - music, sound design

editing filming, post production

trailer of Athens olympics 2004

editing filming, post production

Tv trailer of a Blues brothers Live

compositing editing

motion graphics of the Finos Films DVDs

motion graphics designer motion graphics designer

Michalis Hatziyiannis - DVD Live

motions graphic menu of the olympic games DVD

motion graphics designer motion graphics designer
maingraph multimedia workstation l Διαφημιστικές παραγωγές
maingraph at web Check out also the website of my post production studio located in Athens, Greece

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Terry Papoulias | artist | content creator | My main passion for art made me always looking for new challenges in video, music and photography -tags: elef therios, terry papoulias, Ελευθέριος, Λευτέρης Παπούλιας, content creator, studio, event, set, virtual, stage, backdrops, award, promotion, music video, animation, motion graphics, music, youtube video production, graphics, design, studio, media, greek, buy textures, backgrounds, shutterstock, pond5, adobe stock, stock virtual tv sets, commercial, photoshoot, royality free music, templates, intro, 3d, footage,