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MainMaingraph | post production studio | Athens | GR | Inspiration is the energy that drives this studio, the drive that makes it possible to produce exceptional work 

  The main aim of our studio is to achieve perfect end-product quality which is why Maingraph Digital Works stands out in its field. We deal with every project as unique and pay attention to detail. By monitoring changes in the market and being familiar with every device requirements, we have developed a flexible and efficient policy enabling us to respond effectively to demanding projects.
We work to provide best possible result even if it takes longer to deliver. Our 15+ years of experience, 2k+ projects done, ensures our meeting the highest expectations in our field.
Maingraph Digital Works research and compare state-of-the art devices and technical equipment to achieve the high-end result our clientele demands. The use of quality equipment and imaging, together with specialised knowledge, guarantee the quality that ensures Maingraph success through high quality technical solutions.
We aim at a studio that has an excellent reputation in the market and helps our clients get their work done in a timely manner at competitive prices.




  Compositing Digital editing Motion Graphics / 3D

Color grading Music & sound design  
  Maingraph studio | Athens | Greece  

studio located in Athens, Greece

Βuilding the graphics for a DVD
CG animator Terry Papoulias is building the graphics for a DVD
using adobe premiere and photoshop!

VFX beakdown | Ένα X
The breakdown of the green screen effect you used on the making of the music video ENA X. Watch the full music video here

3D animated logos
A collection of 3D animated logotypes we made in the past

- Endless Sea
Edited and colorgraded by Terry Papoulias for Maingraph,
the music video of STSF! Feel free to share if you like it!
watch the full video here:, join S.T.S.F. on fb:

PORTFOLIOclick for a few more

Inspiration is what feeds a creator's soul.
Here you will find a few of the projects we have done in the past

Maingraph studio   Maingraph software

  • workstation multimedia: benchmark DAC1, monitors Adam A7, SPL goldmike tube preamp, DBX 286s compressor, RME 9632 audio interface, audio pro subwoofer, radikal daw controller, Sonic solutions ADDA - workstation capturing: AJA Xena, Sony J3 digital beta, BTS betacamSP, JVC TV monitor - workstation HP Z4, apple mac mini - TC electronic konnekt 6, - Black magic cinema camera 2K,
    PANASONIC lumix G7 cameras - Atomos Ninja 2 video recorder - samyang 1.4 24mm, carl zeiss jena 38mm, nikkor 50mm 1.8D, helios 44-2, samyang 28mm lenses - KORG NS5R module, sontronics, oktava, MXL microphones, sennheiser and audio technica headphones , peavey hughes&kettner
    bugera head amps, hartke preamp, gibson, ibanez, schecter, warwick guitars and basses

  • Alias wavefront Maya, Adobe Premiere Pro CC Adobe video collection, cakewalk sonar, discreet combustion, steinberg wavelab
    audio plugins:
    IK stealth limiter, steven slate drums, steven slate VTM, VCC, Soundtoys radiator, Sie-Q, SPL EQ, Overloud Rematrix, Brainworx bx_limiter, ca-2a, Infected Mushroom Pusher, Waves CLA Effects, Noveltech vocal enhancer, sonEQ pro, Lindell Audio 6X-500, soundtoys little plate, SPL Attacker Plus, Brainworx bx_opto Pedal, Scheps Omni Channel Strip, Brainworx bx_subsynth, JST gain reduction, Vacuum pro synth, Hexeract synth, devil-loc

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner    
Maingraph hardware
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inspiration is the energy that drives this studio
the drive that makes it possible to produce exceptional work



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